One of our specialities!carlisle mayoress at a function

What is ‘Event Photography’ and why is it different?

Any fun or formal gathering essentially is an event, but one of the key things we offer that makes ours a unique service, is the ability to offer instant prints. For too many photographers this is simply a terrifying thought, the ability to capture photos in a camera and print them instantly without the extensive use of software or other post-production techniques!

Award Ceremonies, School Proms & Graduations Ceremonies, Black Tie Functions, Charity Balls & Dinners, Parties & Wedding Receptions, Pet Shows and other speciality events.

a photo from a prom event3 girls taken at an event at teh Beech Hill Hotel, Windermere





We find these events are filled with fun and laughter and whilst we can’t transform everyone into an ‘airbrushed’ magazine model, we can create some stunning portraits that often surprise people in the quality & composure we can generate in that instant.


portrait of a couple taken at an eventAt many of the events and functions we attend, the guests will have gone to a great deal of trouble and expense in their appearance, or they’re attending what is likely to be a significant milestone achievement in their lifetime. Let them cherish the moment with a professional photograph, better still let them cherish the moment with a ‘professional portrait’, taken in our mobile studio set up and printed instantly for them to take home that very day.


girls at an event at Beech Hill hotel

Sporting Events such as Golf Days, Football Tournaments, Cycling, Running, Motorbike Competitions, Karting etc.


golf day photo




golf day photo


Golf Day Group Photo




moto bike trial rider at caldbeck

Cumbria Bike Trial Photo

a motor bike trial rider in the lake district

Cumbria Bike Trial Photo

outdoor events

outdoor events



motor kart at Rowrah Cumbria


motor Kart at Rowrah Cumbria

Karting at Rowrah







Fell runner on Robinson

Fell Running.






Mick Boam at the CCMCC Alan Trophy event 2011

CCMCC Bike Trial Photo



















Sorry to mention equipment, but we use some sophisticated, lab quality printers, that produce finished photos within seconds of hitting the ‘print’ button. These portable machines enable us to offer this instant onsite printing services; anywhere we can get access to power.

We also have a couple of other tricks up our sleeves to add even more options to the finished photos, chromakey or green screen photography for both formal corporate or alternative fun images. See our Chromakey page for details.

Prince Charles on a visit to cockermouth in 2010 after the floods.

Prince Charles in Tony Harrisons Butchers in 2010 after the floods.

Chirs Freer waiting to be rescued

Photographer Chris Freer waiting to be rescued after the flood.


Best of all, in some instances we attend events free of charge – call and ask for details or use our contact form to make and enquiry.







event photography society logoWe are members of the Event Photography Society and subscribe to their code of conduct and principles.