Wedding Receptions

We don’t offer a formal wedding photography service.

However, we do offer what many wedding photographers don’t – a great fun, entertaining wedding favour where you and your guests get a fantastic keepsake.

Our event studio with instant onsite printing at your wedding reception!

couple having fun at a wedding receptionEven better we offer a copy of the photos in an album against which your guests can write a short comment to you as a wonderful memory.

Truly, more often you’ll have additional guests during the evening that weren’t there during the day and this is the time the photographer goes home. And, whilst many of your guests will have been photographed during the day, it’s likely to be several weeks before you see them. It’s also likely that many of the guests, especially those who’ve travelled from afar might never see them.

These can be fun or formal.

wedding reception photo

Our solution solves that, a formal or informal portrait taken at the reception and printed instantly. Imagine being able to take home at the end of the evening, a memory album filled with comments and photos of the guests attending your reception!


sample wedding album memory bookChoice of guest book available also, so why not contact us today and discuss your wedding reception and our very special packages to  make the event a lasting memory for all your guests.