Alternative Images:

With some images we can make some interesting artistic changes to make your photos a bit more unique, examples below…

cyclist breaking out of picture frame


cyclist breaking out of picture frame into landscape




cyclist bursting out of scene through paper


tiled image of cyclist

tiled image



cycle magazine gift cover

cycle magazine gift cover £12.00


running magazine cover gift

Running magazine gift cove £12.00













We can create other magazine covers based on your event, using fictional magazine titles only.

Email for more details or to order.





Please note all images are copyrighted and the property of SharpImagesUK. It is an offence to download or save the images for any purpose without our permission. Please remember this is how we make our living. We are happy to provide a digital file for your personal use, this item is listed in the pricing structure.

Prices include P&P

LowResDigital File = 600px Max along longest side

**HiResDigital File = Sufficient for an A4 size print.

Souvenir Pack = 6×4 Print + Keyring + FridgeMagnet/PictureFrame

Other sizes and styles will be added in due course.

** Only available on some events.

Terms & conditions apply