couples engagement portrait taken in the studioYoung ones, old ones and all those in between, individuals, couples or families, people are the fabric of all our lives and never more so than those we love and cherish the most.


Surely a professional portrait is one of the best investments any of us can have. Print, Canvas, Acrylic even digital and many other options available in which you can enjoy the result.


Heart & Soul

It’s also true what they say -“a photograph truly is worth a thousand words”!

A portrait shouldn’t be just an image taken with an expensive camera it’s about capturing the spirit & personality and creating something that’s beyond price. Whilst we’re more than happy to add a little of the ‘airbrush’ magic afterwards, we avoid the machine gun approach and strive for a more relaxed, fun enjoyable experience for all.

Whilst not restricted to or exclusively so, these are the popular styles we offer, though we welcome the opportunity to discuss and deliver more creative ideas anytime…


Hi-Keygirl on boys back in fun studio portrait

Boy with girl sitting on his back photographed using high key style in our studio.These are the photos taken with the bleached out, white backgrounds, very popular at present but not always the most inspirational for us photographers or the most flattering for subjects. Great for those with a deeper complexion, wearing bold bright colours.




head and shoulder low key portrait of a womanLow-Key

Usually taken against a dark, often black background, sometime referred to as a “Noir” and originally very popular in the 1800’s as a portrait style it’s very much gaining popularity once again and something we offer at events also. As photographers, we love this technique as it affords us more creative input and control over the lighting, our clients love it as it produces a more appealing, flattering image than it’s counterpart – hi-key!


Becoming more and more popular, and why not when you live here in the beautiful scenery of the Lake District. Why be restricted to the confines of a studio and an artificial backdrop when we have some of the most stunning vistas on the planet nearby. It may be, some flexibility on scheduling may be required, sadly the weather is something that’s definitely beyond our control.


The younger generation love this, the ultimate rebel or rock star creation. Using the man made and industrial landscapes found within our urban environment to as interesting or unusual backdrops.

brother and sister studio portrait

It’s never been easier to take a photograph…

Not quite, it’s never been easier to point a camera and click a button with the expectations that the camera will perform. And whilst the camera can and does do most of the work, sadly the subject or result may not be as expected. Even in professional photography there are two types of photographer, those who use a camera and those who use their eyes!

girl & boy portraitThere is no denying that modern digital camera have changed photography, for a start they produce clearer sharper (HD) images, that even the best film can’t replicate. The increased ability to manipulate the image with powerful software is both brilliant and an inspirational capability and should be embraced, but this doesn’t decry from the overall ability to ‘see’ the image. No amount of automation or indeed education can ever achieve this; photography is as much about experience and technique as it is heart and soul.