We take the same philosophy with our pet portraits, these treasures, no matter how large or small, furry or otherwise form just as important part of our families as people do. Not always the easiest subjects to work with, it’s something we thoroughly enjoy doing and continually strive to for the best environment to create a portrait that will delight for years to come.

portrait of black and white cat

“Never work with children and animals…”

We’ve all heard that and we have to say we disagree!

Animals are the little darlings of all our lives and whilst it’s true they aren’t all trained and pose on queue, they do produce the most wonderful subjects.

cat standing on hind leg portrait

sparky the patterdale terrier

In some instances we can even come out to you and photograph your pets in your home in an environment they are comfortable with, this includes larger animals such as horses at stables as well as the smaller domestic animals less use to being moved around such as cats.

cat portrait in client home

We’ve been luck enough to work with some absolute ‘cuties’, even if perhaps they weren’t the best behaved, and for the smaller pets, we’ve built a custom studio set up which allows us to offer a style unique in the area.

If you prefer something a little more creative then perhaps one of our more artistic styles might be of interest?

meg and milly two lovely border terriers

We believe our love of pet portraits stems from our love of wildlife and wildlife photography, which we still consider a hobby. We’re confident you’ll like the results too.

two cats in a newsrack in our studio