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Terms & Conditions

This site is protected by copyscape
This site is protected by copyscape

Terms & Conditions

1/ Any images provided to the client are to be used solely for the purpose identified within the quotation given.

2/ All photographs whether commissioned by the client or otherwise remain the copyright of SharpImagesUK and are subject to UK law, unless requested at the time of booking. An additional fee maybe required.

3/The copyright of All images sold as part of an event in print or digital media format remains the property of SharpImagesUK and are for personal use by the purchaser only. Use in any other publication, print or digital form other than the purchasers own website or social media is strictly prohibited, without prior agreement, NUJ rates will apply. Purchasers of hi-res digital images may print photos for personal, domestic use only. Prints sold during an event may not be scanned, copied or stored in any format.

4/ SharpImagesUK will not undertake any work that breaches the copyright of any other individual, corporation, group or organisation.

5/ The client will at all times indemnify SharpImagesUK against any claims arising as a result of any commissions undertaken by SharpImagesUK on behalf of that client.

6/ If we attend an event where a pitch fee, commission fee or other charge is to be made to the organiser and/or their nominated recipient, SharpImagesUK reserves the right to have exclusive commercial rights, including print, digital and online sales. This includes photographs by any other photographer attending offered for sale elsewhere in any format. All digital files sold will carry a small SharpImagesUK copyright signature.

7/ SharpImagesUK will at all times operate in a professional, courteous manner in any assignment or commission. The staff at Sharp Images UK expect to work in a safe environment and comply with any health and safety regulations that exist. The client will at all times upholds it’s duty in respect of health & safety regulations and ensure that Sharp Images UK staff are safe whilst on their premises, premises they control or their clients premises.

8/ Should a pre-paid assignment be cancelled for any reason by the client with greater than 30 days notice SharpImagesUK will refund any monies paid less and administration charge of £100 plus £50 for every freelance photographer hired to complete the assignment. If a pre-paid assignment is cancelled with less than 30 days a fee relating to our standard half day, £250 will still be payable plus £50 per photographer hired to complete the assignment.

9/ If SharpImagesUK are unable to fulfil an assignment for whatever reason, all monies paid to them in respect of that assignment shall be refunded to the client less a small administration charge.