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Video Services

Video is dominating virility on the internet, but it does a lot more than that.

Video enables you to convey your sales and marketing message in a way that consumers very quickly understand and engage with far more than traditional websites, whether it’s for a product or service or a full blown e-commerce website.

Adding a video to your site geared towards a specific promotion, season, theme or just as part of a more general marketing package can and will attract more visitors longer. Statistics show, visitors spend 44% more time on a site with video and visit more pages.

youtube logoWhilst it would be great if every business could afford a full blown creative production, reality means that most small business operate with far more limited resources. Our new video service enables you to have the promotional video you want from as little as £99.

Don’t know anything about Youtube or the other video platforms available? Not a problem, our experts can help you with this or manage it for you, to ensure yours isn’t just another of the millions of videos uploaded daily and that it is designed and SEO’d  (search engine optimised) for your business and promotion.

There has never been a better to get involved and get stuck into this powerful medium and make it work for you business.  Even more important in the ‘smartphone’ and tablet  era, as user switch from traditional desktop PC’s to a mobile platform.

Have a look at our video page, (link below) and then give us a call on 01228 808397 or email to find out how we can help.

Video Service Page