Paper Towel Roll Feed Holder

roll feed paper towel holder

The extremely popular wall mounted, Paper Towel Roll Feed Holder.

Launched early March 2019, this wall mounted roll feed paper towel holder has proven to be a great seller.

These have gone out to numerous cafes & bakeries, to a number of garages, tattooist and nail bars to name just a few.

Holding the popular 200mm blue rolls, very commonly available, it not only keeps them securely handy, but in a smart looking holder.

Easy to mount, this design includes a pre-drilled full back panel which as well has making them easy to fix onto a wall, but also gives them incredible strength.

Strength is then further enhanced also by the top shelf providing a platform for soap or other cleaning products.

Which incidentally, is very useful too, strong enough to hold a spare roll of paper or even a large soap bottle.

Practical, smart and an absolute bargain, direct from the manufacturer!

Grab yours today.

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