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Blue Paper Towel Dispenser Roll Feed Holder Wall Mount

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Blue Paper Towel Dispenser Roll Feed Holder, Wall Mountable with Shelf

NOW 10% Wider to fit more paper roll sizes.

These literally fly off our shelves, proven to be extremely popular and now our best seller.

These look great in any location where you need paper towels for clean up. From mobile vans to workshops, nail bars to kitchens, barber shops to clinics.

Aluminium, rust proof roll feed paper towel holder.

Sized for the standard industrial blue roll paper towel, that are approx 200mm wide x 200mm diameter. This design includes a top shelf with lip, as storage.

The units themselves are approximately 210mm wide (excluding rod) x 170mm tall.

The through bar especially helps stop the roll falling out.

A full rear back panel inside, not only makes it easy to wall mount or van mount, but also gives it extra strength. To the front is a drip flap.

Made from 1050 aluminium, giving this roll feed holder a shiny metal appearance.

This version is uncoated and unpainted.
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