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Cordless Drill Holder Under Shelf Storage

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Under Shelf Cordless Drill Holder

Simply bolts pr screws to the underside of any shelf or bench, min depth 150mm, and the cordless simply drill slides in, ready for use, fully supported. Fantastic in any garage or workshop.

The perfect quick, safe storage for your drill, to keep it ready for use.

This unit has been designed to take any drill with a motor barrel section around 70mm diameter.

We can manufacture them, smaller or larger diameter for other drill models, just get in touch.

Made from Aluminium, this is the uncoated version, for cosmetic reasons, in a type of aluminium that has a natural shiny appearance strong and robust it will not rust or corrode. It provides additional protection for your drills when stored.

Depending on depth of shelf applied, you could have several drill with different bits ready to go.

Great way to keep your cordless drill secure and stored when not in use.

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