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Disposable Glove Dispenser Wall Mount Vinyl / Latex

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Disposable Glove Box Holder

Ensures hygienic dispensing.

We sell these in a variety of sizes:

Vinyl or Latex Version

Vinyl or Latex (100) glove box holder, for boxes measuring 240mm x 140mm x 70mm or similar. This is the typical commercial box sound on the high street and in specialist DIY chains like Screwfix.

If you require a specific size, please ask, most of the above came about due to customer requests.

These are wall mounted versions, can be mounted vertically or horizontally!

Perfect in any workshop, van, garage, tattoo, nail bar, kitchen, gym and more.

Made from Aluminium, rust proof, lightweight, strong and wipe clean.

*** Gloves not included ***

**** See our other listings for alternative sizes. ****

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