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It’s fair to say managing advertising on Google is both challenging & frustrating and yet, done right can be the most rewarding, cost effective advertising you’ll ever do.

The trouble is, it’s highly time consuming.

Unless you’re lucky enough to be big enough to employ or train a fulltime  PPC (pay per click) Manager then it’s a constant ongoing battle, just to get that return on investment, let alone adhere to the terms.

As another skill to master do you have time, or is it better your time is invested in activites that generate revenue?

Fortunately that’s where I come in. With 10 yrs plus experience using Google Ads I’ve learned a thing or two and have the experience and knowledge to help.  And whilst getting results can be instant, winning is more a marathon than a sprint.


Managed campaigns

Anyone can set up a Google Ads account, but to make it effective is the real challenge, then maintain that efficiency throughout the term.

My approach is to work closely with your business to develop a close working relationship, getting to understand your business so I can give straight, honest advice. 

No Contract Service

Operating on a no contract service, effectively means, you’re not stuck in any long term contract, you can cancel at anytime giving 30 days notice.

Fees vary from project to project, and can actually reduce over the lifetime of the contract, as once the campaign(s) established, management & adjustments are less complex. A click cost percantage may also apply in some instances.

This covers our ongoing development of your campaigns to achieve target goals.


Initially this service is geared towards Google Ads, which is the name in use by Google at the time this page was created.

Within that platform it covers Search Ads, Display Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Shopping & Mobile Apps.

Effectively a large part of the online advertising space within one area.


Why google?

Google is by far the biggest search platform anywhere, even better Google Ads contains YouTube, the largets video platform. Respectively covering 94% of the global mobile search market & over 70% of desktop. Considerably higher than all the social platforms together.

It’s a no brainer why Google is where your target audience is and where our focus is.

Include local search which is now often conducted via voice app on smart speakers, the technology as well as the application is constantly evolving.

why me

I’ve been using Google Ads for over 10 yrs, during this time it’s evolved, quite rightly Google too has evolved and is even stricter on policy to improvethe quality of the content it serves.

During this time, Ive created ads that have seen over 5% CTR, 2% is considered abover average and generated CPC rates of 3p per click.

My work for you:

  • To reduce your Cost per Click (CPC) on existing campaigns
  • To increase the Click through Rate (CTR) on existing campaigns
  • Creating highly effective PPC Advertising Campaigns
  • Detailed monthly reports & reviews.
Not just ppc

Surprisingly and kept quiet by many Digital Marketers, it’s not just your adverts that can affect how much you pay and how often your ads are seen.

Your website is just as important. So as part of our procedure I undertake a review of your website to ensure it meets all of Googles guidelines.

Finally, we also work with ChatBot, these are becoming an integral part of most big corporations online activity, why should they get all the good toys, they are affordable for all and can increase sales, revenue and customer retention.